About Me

Hi Friends,

My name is Priya, and I'm passionate about all things health, wellness, and nutrition related. I love cooking, meal prepping, running, fitness and self-care. In the past 7 years, I've developed a passion and interest in learning about whole foods, nutrition, and how various foods affect our bodies and allow us to perform at our best. What I've learned? We are all unique and one formula does not suite everyone, and what works for me may not be the same as what works for you. That's why I love the science behind nutrition; it's always changing and adapting.

In the past year, I finally had the courage, after numerous pushes and words of encouragement by my husband and loved ones, to share my own curated healthy, whole food, nutritious recipes, and health tips with the social "world". As with many of you, I've had my own unique journey and mixed relationship with food and exercise, and I'm still learning, growing, and striving for that perfect balance

It's taken nearly four years to openly discuss my struggles with body perception. Back then, I did not realize anything was wrong, but those around saw my body drastically shrink in size, to a point where it may have been "unhealthy." I cannot call out one particular "disorder," but I was addicted to exercise while also obsessed with eating healthy foods and counting calories. I finally realized there was a problem in April 2016, when I fractured my tibia during the 10th mile of the Boston Marathon. While I managed to complete 24.2 miles, it was devastating. Essentially, I had been training through a stress fracture, which was not smart. Further, it started the discussion of proper nutrition to sustain my intense training regimes. I was under nourishing by body, which has since caused bone density issues, amenorrhea, hormone imbalances, and various injuries. 

While I am still learning, and still not perfect at balancing my relationships with food and exercise, I've grown miles from where I was three and four years ago.. I still love to run and exercise and consider myself a very active person, but I now understand how to properly nourish my body and no longer count calories or keep food diaries. It's not a practice that leads to a healthy lifestyle to me. 

Long story short, I have a passion for reviving my body in order to continue running marathons and supporting healthy bones and hormones. For this reason, I focus my nutrition on whole foods, real foods, and the nutrigenomics with how various foods affect my body. While I practice a primarily plant-based style of eating, I realize my body may need more protein and calcium, so fish and eggs make appearances in my meals as well.

When I'm not creating healthy smoothies, oats, macro bowls, desserts, etc., I'm training for the next marathon race (when I'm not injured), teaching sweating strength and cardio sculpt classes at CorePower Yoga, spending time outdoors, traveling with my husband, or curled up on the couch like any normal human. My CPA and day job at RXBAR currently supports my Whole Foods binge spending :)

I'm not a board certified nutritionist, but I'm in love with all things nutrition related and spend much of my time researching and learning new things. I'd love to inspire you all in seeing life as a healthy balance and taking steps to be the healthiest version of you! 



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